Training Centers

During 2000 to 2005, we operated a training center in Singapore that trained workers in construction skills. We later established an Overseas Test Center (OTC) in India and two in Dhaka, Bangladesh. These OTCs train workers in their source countries for the Singapore market.

At present, we operate 5 Overseas Training and Test Centers in Dhaka, Bangladesh with collaborative working arrangements with centers in India and Myanmar. Our total built up training space is about 80,000 sq m - making us the largest training provider for skilled construction workers in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Our current training & testing centers are as follows :

Image of ASHULIA Training Center

Progressive Training & Testing Center, Ashulia

Image of Tongabari Training Center

Welltech Training & Testing Center, Tongabari

Image of Charigram Training Center

Charigram Training & Testing Center, Charigram

Image of Gorat Training Center

Jihan Skills Development Center, Gorat

Image of Pukurpar Training Center

Pukurpar Training Center, Pukurpar

We are also operating Indian Government Approved Training Centers in India in Mumbai and New Delhi. These centers operate at similar high standards as per our other centers in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Trainees who successfully complete the rigorous training will then be supplied to the Singapore and Middle East market.

Image of Training Centers for Singapore Market Image of Training Centers for Middle East Market Image of Training Centers Image of Training Centers Image of Training Centers